Charger Port Repair Service

TDR is currently replacing charger ports on most devices and motherboards, from Playstations and Xboxes to speakers, and phones. If you can take the broken motherboard out we can micro solder a new charger port for you. Why Bother yourself with a loose or bent charger port that could lead to more problems like burnt circuits and components if they keep shorting? Just get them replaced and be worry-free. also, remember to get a new USB or charging port cable!

Current Devices Serviced:


Nintendo DS

iPhone Charging Port

Galaxy Charger port replacement

All charger ports are different and require different care and handling. 

USB, Micro, Mini SS

Power, +/-

Special Proprietary up to 15 MM!

How to Replace a Charger Port?

First off, We need to have the motherboard completely separated from the device. Once it is fully disassembled we need to preheat it to soak in some good heat. Then we can go ahead and solder or desolder.

We will need to desolder the old port. clean the area and tin the pads. You might also need to clean out the leg through holes. and then you will be able to place a new port! Use a microscope and careful heat to be able to solder the pins. at 225 lead-free solders should melt and with the proper flux, you should have a good joint.

Simply, Heat, Remove, Clean, Solder!

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