iCharger Duo Repair Service

We repair a few iCharger Duo issues. including no power, and channel repair. 

iCharger No Power Repair

We have seen a few components blow up to the point of crippling the device. please do not add any more power to the unit if it doesn’t come up with the recommended 30v max power supply input. This can cause irreversible damage. however, in most cases, we identify the MOSFETs and fuses and they are replaced. The channels and the device then come back to life. This no-power issue could be caused by the main input power regulator. those are also replaceable.  Please see the videos on our YouTube and TikTok channels for the no-power repair.  

in rare cases, some blow up the main controller and we do not have replacement chips for now! no fix no fee just pay to ship

iCharger Channel repair

 Most commonly the channel doesn’t charge the batteries. Usually due to fuses or a dead MOSFET.  

To request a repair please click on the start a repair button. 

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