PS4 HDMI Port Repair Service

Here at TDR, we have repaired thousands of PlayStation 4 HDMI ports throughout the last 10 years. We are definitely America’s #1 HDMI port Repair shop. Our advanced techniques and rigorous testing allow us to install HDMI ports that last a lifetime. Not like the other repair shops where it breaks after a week or two. We offer a warranty on all of our repairs that we guarantee you will never use. that is how good our ports are. Please see our quality on our viral YOUTUBE and TIKTOK channels. 

100% perfect qualty PS4 HDMI port replacement Microscopic image

TDR’s HDMI VS The Other Guy’s

Now you decide where to send in your HDMI port repair jobs, TDR, or the other tech shop.

Are you looking for the best HDMI Port Repair Service?

Look no further. We are the best HDMI repair shop in the nation. PS4 HDMI port repair is 99.9% the fix whenever no signal goes to your TV. most likely you have broken your PS4 HDMI port. If you have successfully changed the port and you still have no video contact us ASAP. as your technician might have not placed the port properly, or damaged other vital chips on your board! Some shops might cause you the WLOD issue, even with a good port. 

PS4 HDMI Port Replacement Flawless under microscope

When you turn on your TV and you see a black screen, you will get frustrated. It is not easy to get your picture back and you have no idea if you actually have a broken port, WLOD, a bad TV, or a bad HDMI cable. or what exactly is going on with your system. And that is why we wrote a few tips to get you going. We have to isolate the issue from the source and try to dissect why there is no image coming to your TV.

  1. First, we have to take a look at the PS4, We must see a white light after 1 minute or so of powering it on! If you only see a blue light.. then you have BLOD and that is different.
  2. Look for actual Physical damage to the back of the port, There is usually damage and you can see it. If you do not, do not break the HDMI looking for damage.
  3. If you have a white light then let’s go ahead and check your connections
    • Check your HDMI cable: use another HDMI cable to test. 
    • Maybe your TV could be going? Try a different HDMI device. like a cable box or a computer. 
    • Last Check your PS4 on another working TV with the working cables that you tested before. 
  4. If all else fails then you have a broken HDMI Port, or, Big OR, in ~5% of cases the WLOD.
broken PS4 HDMI port

What kind of damage is possible to the HDMI port?

Bent or broken Pins

Is the easiest of all the repairs. Basically removing and adding a new PlayStation HDMI Port should solve the trick

Broken supports/Legs

This is a more complicated repair as the installation will require additions to the motherboard

ran a few traces on a PS4 HDMI port

Ripped Pads

When pads are missing we need to patch the wires or else we will have no connectivity on those pins.. This is a much harder repair, but yes we do fix ripped pads.on HDMI ports by connecting the wires to the correct signal on the board.

The Best PS4 HDMI port replacement Quality

Missing components

With the correct angle of impact, the port can take out adjacent components.. not to worry we will install most of these to get the system running.

Bridged Pins

Sometimes we receive HDMI ports that have way too much solder, why? because a previous technician or repair shop attempted the repair and did not accurately understand the difference between soldering and micro-soldering. 

Amazing Quality PlayStation 4 HDMI port repair

How to repair a broken HDMI port?

It contains many steps here is a summary of the work to be performed when you want to remove and replace your HDMI port. 

Torn Pad on a PS4 HDMI


First, you have to get the surface of the motherboard very hot enough to melt the lead-free solder that is at 225 Celsius. once all of the port is at the temperature, the port easily comes off.


You must clean all the pads with leaded or unleaded solder and make sure to remove all flux. You must clean all the solder to continue.


Perfect HDMI port replacement job on a PS4

Having a clean new PlayStation HDMI port, insert that into the slot.. all legs must be interested properly and with a hot iron solder each pin to the board. then solder the legs and the process is complete.

Where can you get the HDMI port repaired?

if micro-soldering is not your thing. no worries. you can always send your PlayStation for an HDMI port replacement straight to TDR. Tech Device Repair is the leader in all HDMI port replacements. Yes, we re-replaced other shops’ poor work. They always regret to inform us that they should have come to TDR first. However, we do not mind It is just some times you need to understand that quality does not come at a cheap price. That being said we are the cheapest in the nation! With discount options available, Do yourself a favor and just fill out the form. Someone will guide you throughout the entire process. 

HDMI Port Repair Videos

PS4 Slim

Special Edition

An actual PS4 HDMI port that took out components

yes, we will replace the diodes and capacitors that are attached to the board, we have rebuilt the HDMI port area a few times. with great success. of course, it takes more time and more chips for installation.



How much does the Port Repair Service Cost?

The price for the HDMI port repair service varies between $39 and $109. Here at TDR, we are there for everyone. from the newbie to the expert. Based on the level of the repair and the amount of work and the damage we will quote you. Please ask our representatives for the discount options over the phone to get the minimum price. 

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