Xbox One / S / X Repair Service (XB1)

Do you have a broken Xbox Gaming System? Are you sick of these issues and want to get to your gameplay immediately? Then do not hesitate, to contact us about your Xbox one problems and we sure can fix them.

Here is a list of standard Xbox One / S & Xbox 360 / S Problems that we repair:

Xbox HDMI Port Repair

Most Xbox systems are experiencing issues with their HDMI ports. Due to many inserts and removals and sometimes dropping your Xbox One, It could damage the port. We Replace those ports immediately. It is a common issue with the Xbox one so does not worry too much, it is fixable.

DVD and Blu-Ray Disc Problems

Laser replacements

We can replace your Xbox Blu-ray laser lens in a matter of a few days. We have to make sure that we get the exact model laser for your drive for the best performance and compatibility. 

Spindle problems

Have you noticed your drive kind of working fine? but the Blu-ray drive just doesn’t spin anymore? That’s a common spindle problem and we replace those.

The disc doesn’t eject

It is possible to get your discs stuck inside your Xbox One gaming console disc drive. That is where we have spare low-level technical gears and parts to repair your specific drive. The movements can not be simply replaced. Each Xbox is unique to its Blu-ray system.

Nasty Error Codes

Are you getting any Error codes that you can’t decipher? Well tell us about it, There are a lot of codes and they all vary from repair type and description.  We will get to the bottom of your error codes! We fixed many Xbox one error codes before. There are E100, E101, E200, E201, E202, E601 Error codes… Each one comes with its own root cause.

Problems with the Updates

Lets diagnose your Ethernet or WiFi adapter. Sometimes There are issues with the hardware disabling a correct update. In those cases, some may say your system is bricked.. Not here.. Xboxes are never bricked. 

Xbox Storage Upgrades

This is a very common problem with hardcore Xbox gamers. Usually, you have a system full of data, games, and other goodies. And all of a sudden you can not put in your favorite game to play because your HDD is now full. We can upgrade your Xbox One Hard drive without you losing any data in the process. 

Freezing at the green startup screen (Green Screen of Death) GSOD

Technically a reflow or reball service on your CPU and or GPU helps fix these issues, though not all Green Screens of Death are the same. The Green screen of death (GSOD) problem should be diagnosed fully before performing any repairs. Xbox one can get stuck on the green screen quite often and that is a big issue the XB1 system is having. GSOD is becoming to be a real issue and only treated with a visit to the shop. Shops equipped with BGA systems are the only safe place for GSOD.

Freezing at the black startup screen (Black Screen of Death) BSOD

We got that covered too! The Xbox One can from time to time start with the black screen of death! There are a few solutions to this problem and we usually have you back in the Xbox gaming world in no time. Though unfortunately some of these systems do lose the data. due to critical chip replacements.

The system Can not Turn On

Xbox One Power Supplies are famous for dying out early before the system. Usually, that is the case with most Xboxes, others will need a deeper diagnosis. 

Xbox Live Connection Problems

Frustrated trying to figure out how to log in to the Xbox Live Network? Don’t worry we can help you remotely or you can stop by to have your Connection checked out.

Game Play Frozen During Game Play

Usually, a reflow works best for those cases

External Hard drive Issues (not recognized)

Xbox Turning Off Randomly 

Sound and audio issues Problems

Xbox Controller Repair (Discontinued)

Elite and regular XB1 Controllers do break. And we do fix them. All stuck buttons and broken ones are fixable. We also offer controller MODs. Ask About the MODs online.

Elite controller tips:

Many say the Elite controller has a drift problem. Yes, we have heard and tested the same. The mechanism for the thumb stick can get clogged with particles. This disfigures the plastics and hence messes with the center of the stick… Try using 91% ISO-propyl alcohol on the stick when it does that. It will go away.

If the particles caused permanent damage you will need to use alcohol every time you want to play!

Xbox One Maintenance:

Xbox One Cleaning Service

We offer a service to have your Xbox One (S) / 360 (S) cleaned so you avoid having to do any reflows or rebels or any of those big repairs. Many of the repairs can be avoided with regular system cleanup. It is recommended to get your PlayStation 4 cleaned every 6 months or depending on how particulate your environment is.

Common Xbox One Related Questions and Answers

How long is Xbox one warranty?

Usually, Microsoft warranty the product for up to 1 year! it is limited to your damages… They do not cover water damage, physical damage, or roach infestation. basically just manufacturer defects. which is understandable.

How to fix Xbox one or the power brick?

Just send it to TDR .. duh! 

My Xbox one won’t turn on, what can I do?

There is not much that can be done to the Xbox when it doesn’t turn on.. just make sure all the basic power connections are there and have electricity… If you have power going to the system but it doesn’t turn on. then it has to come to TDR for diagnostics… there is no easy way around it.

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