Microsoft Surface Pro Repair Service

The Microsoft Surface Pro is a nice little gadget. But when it breaks no one will work on them. They are very difficult to disassemble without issues. and have lots of really small parts with poor repair-ability design. Not to worry though here at TDR we have mastered the art of Microsoft Surface repair! 

Surface Glass repair w/ Digitizer

One of the most common issues to have a dead screen. not to worry, our screen replacements are affordable.

No Power While the Charger is plugged in

Yes, this is a common problem. Even though your charger might be connected and the light on the charger cable is white, the surface pro might not want to power on. 


  1. Method 1:
    1. Press and hold the power button + volume up for 15 seconds. 
    2. let go and quickly press and let go of the power button
  2. Method 2:
    1. remove the charger.
    2. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds
    3. let go, wait 10 seconds, and press the power button once.

If that fails then you need the motherboard repaired, and you have to have a component replaced. Usually, burnt Capacitors, Mosfets, and Diodes are to blame.

No Power When Charger is removed

So this is a particular issue… It is when the surface works great with the charger in place but turns off right away when removed. 


  1. In windows, check the battery health.
    1. Battery OK, then you need a motherboard repair
    2. Battery Dead, you will need a battery replacement

In both cases we have you covered and we will be able to solve your issue quickly and painlessly. 

Charger port replacement

Charger ports will break from time to time, and we do replace them, they are costly because the screen needs to be removed fully.

Surface pro is stuck on the windows logo and won’t turn on

This is a common issue with surface pros. We have noticed motherboard-related damage and we have successfully fixed 80% of it. the rest we have a 90% chance of data recovery! 

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Microsoft Surface Pro 5

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

We offer Screen Repair, Headphone repair, and much more for the Microsoft Surface:

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