PS4 White Light Of Death (No Video) Repair Service

The PlayStation 4 System Can and Will suffer from a White light of death issue commonly known as the WLOD. This basically means that your PlayStation 4 is ON with a constant white light and no video or picture on the screens. And that could be caused by many factors. 

WLOD Repair Service

The Common issues:

  1. Broken HDMI Port!  In that case, you will need the PS4 HDMI Port Repair Service
  2. The official White light of Death Issue. Where the port is actually perfect but a motherboard issue is preventing the system from showing any image
MN Panasonic HDMI chip

How to troubleshoot:

  1. Buy a new HDMI cable and test!
  2. Wiggle the HDMI cable slightly. if your tv starts to show a signal… then it’s your port. Get the PS4 HDMI Port Repair Service
  3. Try this:
    1. Completely turn off your system
    2. Press and hold the power button.
    3. If you hear 2 beeps let go. 
    4. If you see a screen Then you don’t have the WLOD
    5. Otherwise, the WLOD is a motherboard issue that needs a repair

Troubleshooting the White Light Of Death (WLOD) Issue – Video

If all fails send us your PS4 and we will fix it! 

Repairing the White Light Of Death (WLOD) Issue – Video

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